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the perfect hunting ground for homeowners, decorators, dealers and collectors looking for distinct treasures


A fine selection of quality antiques and vintage collectibles.

Showcase Antique Center is the best of the antique shops where you can buy antiques online from a wide range of antique jewelry, vintage collectibles, unusual or unique antique collectors items and antiques from around the country. Our catalog shows you the antiques in an enjoyable and easy to use way. Antiques are categorized and the search engine helps you find the antiquities you want. An antique store (or antiquities shop) is a shop specializing in the sale of antiquities. Antique shops can be located either locally or with the advent of the Internet, results found online. A collection online store can also be located in a mall, where an individual seller can open an antique shop or sell antique jewelry.

Normally, their stock is sourced from estate sales, auctions, real estate sales, antique shows and flea market searches.They sell unique items and they are usually willing to buy items, even from individuals. The quality of these antiques can range from very low to extremely high and expensive, depending on the nature and location of the store. The antique shops are often grouped together in nearby locations, in the same city, such as in many places in MA, on the same street, such as on Main Street and at the Entrance to Old Sturbridge Village, or all under one roof in a mall, but they can sometimes be referred to as a stand rather than a store.

The antique shops may be specialized in certain market segments, but many of them have a large variety of assets.

  • Antique furniture
  • Antiquities
  • Vintage Jewelry Online
In addition, a shop may have an online component, or even just an online vendor where you can buy antiques online and have no physical store. Showcase Antique Center can be found physically as well as in an online platform. It covers a large number of antique categories as follows:
  • Antique and vintage advertising
  • Artifacts
  • Antique, Vintage and estate jewelry
  • Antique and vintage Arts and Crafts
  • Antique and vintage bar Accessories
  • Antique and vintage bronzes
  • Antique miniatures
  • Antique pottery
  • Antique glass
  • Vintage kitchen collectibles
  • Antique Military
  • Antique primitives
  • Antique and vintage limoges
  • Vintage and antique toys
  • Antique boxes
  • Antique and vintage dolls and teddy bears
  • Antique China
  • Antique Lighting
  • Antique and vintage molds
  • Ambrotypes, Tintypes, Daguerreotypes
  • Antique and vintage sewing
  • Antique and vintage silver
  • Antique staffordshire figures

Among the vintage jewelry online, people may find amazing items in a various price range. As an example, you may check out an antique 9K Art Deco malachite bracelet for $1,400.00 in comparison with a14K tanzanite and diamond ring for $4,995.00.

For more information, browse the Catalog section available here.

Showcase Antique Center

located at the entrance to Old Sturbridge Village,

371 Main St, P.O. Box 1122, Sturbridge, MA 01566

Tel: (508) 347-7190 Fax: (508) 347-5420