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January 2007

Free Appraisal Day

Do you have an antique or collectible and you don't know its value? Then plan to attend Stuart Brody's

Free Antique Appraisal Day

Monday, January 22 from 10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.
You may bring two (2) items into Showcase Antique Center and receive a verbal appraisal. For more information call Stuart at 508-347-7190.

Feature stories this issue...

SOLD!!! Recent Impressive Sales at Showcase Antique Center!

Sold: $4,500.00! Platinum Diamond Pendant
Sold: $3,000.00! Oliver Triple Nutmeg Grater
Sold: $2,800.00! Red Skater's Lantern
Sold: $2,000.00! Amethyst Skater's Lantern
Sold: $1,800.00! Platinum/18k Citrine Diamond Pin
Sold: $1,195.00! Mini Globular Bottle
Sold: $ 900.00! Folk Art Cast Iron Lion
Sold: $ 850.00! Art Nouveau Lily Earrings
Sold: $ 795.00! Platinum Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Sold: $ 695.00! 14k Victorian Necklace
Sold: $ 575.00! Shelley Coffee Set
Sold: $ 545.00! 14k Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

From the Attic

Peter Ompir Sewing Stand; signed Price: $1,295.00
Dark Green Skater's Lantern Price: $995.00
Peter Ompir Roseville Pitcher; signed Price: $675.00
W.C. Wrede Wooden Wall Box; signed Price: $825.00
W.C. Wrede Slant Front Bin; signed Price: $950.00
Dedham Pottery Snow Tree Plate; Maude Davenport Rebus Price: $550.00

What's in your attic?

Read article Yard Sales, Schmard Sales.
CONSIGNMENT = $ALE$ below and learn how easy it is to consign with Showcase Antique Center.


Sold: $ 995.00! Dark Green Skater's Lantern
Sold: $ 500.00! David Yurman Buckle Bracelet

Need to sell more than what's in your attic?
How about selling your whole house?
Stuart Brody Can Help!

Stuart Brody, president of Showcase Antique Center, Inc., has added real estate agent and auctioneer to his extensive and impressive list of credentials.
More and more people are turning to real estate auctions to sell their homes or commercial properties. And the benefits are numerous! Click here to learn more!

Antiques and
Vintage Collectibles Spotlight

Painted Boxes

Antique boxes, considered utilitarian items in their day, are now seen as objects of art by avid collectors. Many boxes from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were painted with representational or decorative art and bore exquisite designs created especially for the upper class.
Modern day folk artists such as Peter Ompir, considered one of the Fathers of American Decorative Painting, is known for his distinctive freehand painting of boxes, as well as other household items.
All antiques, of course, deserve proper care. Here are some tips on the proper care of painted boxes.

  • Place your items in a display area out of the reach of children.
  • Be sure to use a lint free cloth when cleaning an antique box.
  • Wooden boxes should only be waxed with quality beeswax.
  • Avoid placing items in bright light and avoid overexposure to sunlight.
  • Keep boxes in moderate temperature and protect them from moisture. Temperature and humidity changes can warp and damage wooden boxes.

    Here's a Sampling of Painted Boxes in Our Showcases and on Our Web Site:

    Shaker Oval Fingered Yellow Box
    Shaker oval fingered box in a yellow wash, unmarked. Length=6.5 Price: $475.00

    Peter Ompir Covered Wooden Box (Signed)
    Peter Ompir covered wooden box; black background with colorful rooster decor; artist signed "Peter Ompir." Length=6.5 Width=3.5 Height=2.25 Price: $265.00

    Peter Ompir Covered Wooden Box (Signed)
    Peter Ompir covered wooden box; black background with colorful rooster decor; artist signed " Peter Ompir." Length=10.5 Width=4.25 Height=3 Price: $375.00

    Peter Ompir Mini Round Wooden Box (Signed)
    Peter Ompir miniature round wooden box with cover; speckle breasted bird decor; artist signed "Ompir." Diameter=2.25 Price: $160.00

    • Shaker Oval Fingered Box Price: $575.00
    • Blue Covered Pantry Box Price: $350.00
    • Red Covered Pantry Box Price: $495.00
    • Yellow Over White Covered Pantry Box Price: $575.00
    • Blue Handled and Covered Pantry Box Price: $650.00
    • Extraordinarily Large Papier-Mache Candy Box of Pike; c. 1860 Price: $1,250.00
    • Signed Hand Painted Candy Box of Woman Walking By Bridge; c.1920 Price: $175.00
    • Hand Painted Miniature Coffer; Norwegian; c. 1920 Price: $295.00
    • Oval Hand Painted Box; Norwegian Price: $260.00
    • Peter Ompir Tin Covered Box With Man and Bird; signed Price: $250.00
    • Peter Ompir Tin Box With Soldier On Horse; signed Price: $325.00
    • Peter Ompir Covered Box With Man On Horse; signed Price: $445.00
    • Nineteenth Century Painted Box Price: $350.00
    • Nineteenth Century Dome Painted Chest Price: $245.00

    Stuart's Musings

    Old Man of the Mountain

    In the early 1600s, Native American Indians believed that if you followed the Great Merrimack River north you would find a mountain with a stone face. It would be another two hundred years before settlers Francis Whitcomb and Luke Brooks, part of a Franconia survey crew, officially recorded observing the Old Man, thus entering it into New Hampshire history.
    The Old Man of the Mountain's jagged profile was comprised of five granite cliff ledges that hovered nearly 1,200 feet above Profile Lake on Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire. The formation became the state symbol for New Hampshire and was chosen as the representation for the New Hampshire quarter.
    What began as a series of geologic occurrences over 20 million years ago, ended within a two-hour period when the Old Man of the Mountain collapsed to the ground on May 3, 2003. The mighty New Hampshire tourist attraction and state emblem lives no more.
    Ironically, Old Man of the Mountain pennants, dishes, letter openers, and other items once relegated to the realm of tourist knick-knacks are now highly collectible items.

    Fun Fact

    Nathaniel Hawthorne used the Old Man as inspiration for his short story "The Great Stone Face."

    Old Man Of The Mountain Mauchline Souvenir Match Safe Puzzle Box
    Mauchline souvenir match safe puzzle box with view of The Old Man Of The Mountain, unmarked. Length=3 Price: $375.00

    Below is a listing of Old Man of the Mountain collectibles that we recently sold.
    Old Man of the Mountain Delft Dish Sold: $85.00
    Old Man of the Mountain Sawyer Print Sold!! $125.00
    Old Man of the Mountain Mauchline Letter Opener Sold!! $85.00
    Old Man of the Mountain Delft Tumbler Sold!! $125.00
    Old Man of the Mountain Plate Sold!! $50.00

    Birthday · Wedding · Anniversary · Holiday
    A Showcase Antique Center Gift Certificate is the Perfect Gift for the Discerning Collector!

    Yard Sales, Schmard Sales.


    "If you have something old, bring it in - it could be a valuable antique or collectible. Having an expert look at it is the best way to find out."

    -Stuart Brody, owner and appraiser, Showcase Antique Center

    Do you have a valuable or family heirloom you'd like to sell? Our consignment arrangement is the prime outlet for getting the best possible price for your antiques and collectibles. Not sure what your item is worth? Our highly qualified appraisers will determine the value of your merchandise for you. This service is free of charge to our consignors.

    Looking for Consignors with Quality Antiques
    • We are committed to carrying quality antiques and vintage collectibles 
    • We don't allow any reproductions
    • We adhere to specific time periods for vintage collectibles
    • We will appraise your items, ensuring the highest value possible
    Our Marketing Strategy
    • A customized marketing program just for you to showcase your merchandise in its best light.
    • Telemarketing
      • We telephone customers with an interest in your type of merchandise
      • Over 20,000 customers in our database
    Additional Services
    • If your merchandise sells through our ads or eBay, we handle the shipping and charge the customer.
    • We remit all the sales tax so you don't have to worry about it. 

    Want to learn more about consigning with Showcase Antique Center? Contact Stuart Brody at That extra money in your pocket is a click away!

    Showcase Antique Center

    located at the entrance to Old Sturbridge Village,
      Route 20, Sturbridge, MA 01566 
    Tel: (508) 347-7190 Fax: (508) 347-5420

    Showcase Antique Center is conveniently located on Route 20 in Sturbridge, MA, just one mile from I-90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike) and I-84. We're minutes away from the world-renown outdoor Brimfield Antique Shows held annually each May, July and September.

    Stuart Brody, president of Showcase Antique Center, Inc., has added real estate agent and auctioneer to his extensive and impressive list of credentials.
    "Most people think real estate auctioneering has to do with distressed properties," said Stuart. "That is only one portion of the market. More and more people are turning to real estate auctions to sell their homes or commercial properties. Auction is ideal for inherited property, or when time is of the essence, such as in divorce settlements. Contents may be included in the auction as well."
    And the benefits are numerous!

    • Auction reduces the time the property is on the market.
    • Auction eliminates numerous, unscheduled showings.
    • Auction creates competition among buyers - auction prices can exceed the price of a negotiated sale.
    • Auction takes the seller out of the negotiation process.
    • Seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale.
    • Seller knows exactly when the property will sell.
    • The buyer pays the commission when a 7% to 10% buyer's premium is used. The high bid plus the buyer's premium becomes the total selling price.
    • The seller pays no commission when a property is sold...only marketing costs are charged.

    Affiliation: Weichert Realtors

    To provide more options for his clients, Stuart affiliated with Weichert Realtors in Auburn, MA as a real estate agent. Now Stuart can conduct negotiated sales for both residential and commercial properties in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

    Get the professional attention and advice YOU deserve for YOUR specific real estate needs. Call Stuart Brody at 617-899-8959.

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